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CELLPHONE HOSPITAL INC. (CPH) specializes in making analysis software and mathematical tools to data mine our corporate customers’ wireless and wire-line bills. Our ultimate goal is to help corporate customers gain control of their expense, take advantage of monthly fluctuations in the telecom industry pricing while still being locked in the network service provider’s contract. After being established in 1993, CPH’s staff has over 20 years’ experience in both the wireless and wire-line industry.

We provide access to unlocked blackberry, iPhone & android cellphones for a discounted price and also do repairing. CPH Inc. started as a dealer for the major wireless network and branched into cellphone repair in 2004.

We became a full-fledged consultancy in 2009. The company works in partnership with corporates by developing unique and customized solutions which lead to overall efficiency, increased productivity and visibility in the telecommunication space.



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Bill Shock Prevention
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Bill Shock Prevention - Project Acropolis

Proactively prevent bill shock

Wireless and Wire line networks are increasingly being used by businesses to facilitate productivity. Telecom expenses easily become a significant part of the company’s revenue. Many a time, companies end up paying a large sum of money in roaming and (or) long distance. The assets given to the end users either tend to be misused or the user simply isn’t aware of their expenses to the company. It’s inarguably a tedious task to manage all the wireless devices in a medium or large scale enterprise. Accidental usage while roaming also accounts for a major portion of wireless expenses.

Project Acropolis was created with the sole purpose of averting such expenses. It helps you gain visibility of your asset’s usage in real time. It also lets you know almost instantaneously if any of your assets start roaming.






Project Acropolis was conceived to achieve the following:

  1. Instantaneously be notified if an end user starts roaming.
  2. Monitor all the assets’ usage in terms of minutes, texts and data in real-time.
  3. Enforce usage quota for the end users and be instantaneously notified if exceeded.
  4. Make the end users accountable by making them acknowledge their usage.

The current version for blackberry (v1.0.1) accomplishes objectives 1, 2 and 3.
The iOS and Android versions are in the works and soon will become available.
Any blackberry (OS 6.0 and up) are supported*. They do not have to be a part of the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES).

*The blackberry handheld should have at least one working email configured. Click here to see the complete list of devices and operating systems supported.





How Acropolis works?

The application once installed, runs in the background and continuously monitors the phone’s usage data. It periodically reports the recorded data to us so we always stay informed and keep the end users & administrators informed.

The application is extremely easy to install by simply clicking the download url from the phone’s browser. The app will also be made available on the blackberry app world in the near future. The application is also deployable over a large number of users over the air (OTA) via blackberry’s enterprise server.

Transparency in Your Telecom Expenses


CPH provides a comprehensive reporting package that helps you track and maintain visibility of your telecom expenses.

We consolidate the invoices to collectively report on all of your service providers. Understand your spending pattern and analyze trends without having to dig through your voluminous paper invoices.

Realize your critical areas of expenditure to make informed data-driven decisions.


Allocate expenses to cost centres.
Allocate users to departments and (or) divisions to produce department specific reports.

Issue expense-usage usage reports such as charge back reports on a monthly basis to show the divisions what they have spent. Once you have determined the cost centres, we can automate the monthly report distribution process.


See who is spending.
Identify top users across the entire company and (or) departments. Gain visibility of critical areas of expenditure and analyze trends.

Show end users what they have spent. Statistics indicate that up to 35% of your wireless expense can be saved just by keeping the end users informed of their expenses.

Email the user-specific individual usage and expense report directly to the user’s mailbox automatically every month.


Create your own report.
Besides choosing from our plethora of expense & usage allocation reports, you also have the option to build your own!

We deliver customized reports built to address your specific reporting needs. Simply let us know how you want it done by sending us a rough draft or giving us a call and we’ll include it as a part of your monthly reporting package.


Audit Invoices

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Contract Optimization

Cellphone Hospital Inc. compares your wireless plans with other clients to find you the best plan in the market for your usage to ensure that you only pay for what you need.

We work directly with service providers to negotiate rate plan adjustments and hardware prices.

We constantly monitor amendments to cellphone rate plans
from the service providers to actively find you the optimal plan.


These graphs explain your potential savings overtime with our services.

Your total expense without CPH’s services would typically be the orange shaded area in the graph.



Cellphone rate plans fluctuate over time with many amendments.

CPH creates amendments to your existing contract to reduce your overall wireless bill.



CPH monitors the cellular rates monthly in the industry via bulletins and observes what other companies are obtaining.




CPH recognizes these changes, finds out the ones which suit your profile to reduce your overall cost and make the switch proactively.



With CPH, you would only be spending the area shaded brown in the graph on the right and save you the area shown shaded in orange.

CPH constantly keeps switching you to lower rate plans as they become available over the contractual time frame. This reduces the overall cellphone expense by the amount represented by the shaded area on the graph.

With Cellphone Hospital, companies have saved over 40% of their overall wireless expenditure.


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